Internship Interview Week

December 5th, 2016

Vomiting rainbows

Many apologies to anyone actually reading this. Ada has been kicking my booty lately, and this post is about the best I can pull off right now.

We're doing our internship interviews this week. I had zilch today, but then it ramps up - Tuesday: Pivotal Labs; Wednesday: Isilon and Amazon AWS Learning and Certification; Thursday: Amazon AWS Solutions Architecture; Friday: Spare5 and Samsung. Pivotal Labs is an hour-long pair-programming exercise. The rest are a half hour, and I'm anticipating soft skills questions and white boarding, but the companies are free to do whatever they wish with the time they're given.

For our input as students, we were given a survey and asked to indicate our top four choices, as well as answering a plethora of other questions. Stuff like "Would you ideal company already have an Adie working there" and "Do you prefer a larger company". For most of these questions, I had no preference. And I seriously lucked out - I got all four of my top picks, as well as two more that are mostly not objectionable.

At the start of Ada, we were told to not get our hearts set on one company, and to trust the process. I failed. I have a company I really want. And that's all I'm revealing for now. We won't know our companies until likely January, so fingers crossed until then!