Large image of Heather Herrington

Hi, I'm Heather and I do things with software and people!

I'm a true believer that some places just feel like home. For me, Pittsburgh is that place. My husband and I own a house that contains many pets (1 dog, 3 cats). He maintains that our house is full, but I really want more! For a while, I was working as a Full Stack Developer, but realized that I missed collaborating with clients, customers, and other employees. After I was laid off, it became obvious that I needed to rethink my career direction, which is why I'm now aiming for Project Manager and Developer Advocate opportunities.

When I'm doing spare time things, my home office is also my craft room, and I might be in there sewing, making party invitations, or trying something random I saw on Pinterest.

In my perfect world, I would be surrounded by animals. All the time.

Let's Do This!