Zoolily (AKA bEtsy)

October 29th, 2016

Small pig wearing red boots

The past two weeks featured probably the most difficult project we'll do while at Ada. It was bEtsy, our take on an e-commerce site. Two weeks. Four people. Present it to the entire class on Friday. Get it done. We were also using OmniAuth and OAuth, to make sure users had to log in for certain functionality, and simplecov to evaluate testing coverage. It was rough.

Thank goodness, my team was amazing. We all got along really well with zero bickering. Each week, one of us was the Stand Up leader and one of us was the Task Leader. I was Stand Up leader for the first week, which meant making sure we all stayed on task during daily check-ins, and cutting folks off if they got off topic. This was my jam.

On the morning of the second Friday, we still hadn't gotten our cart working, which was obviously a huge concern. Thank goodness, though, Yasmin came through and got it mostly functional. We didn't finish all of the baseline requirements or testing, but at least we had something to present.

The presentation itself went quite well. We followed a 3-2-1 format, with three things that made us proud, two things that were functional but not perfect, and one thing we would have loved to accomplish. It was interesting - each group had something that no one else had, and failed to do something where another group had succeeded. I thought we were way behind everyone else, but the entire class was fairly evenly accomplished. We also managed to avoid any huge screw-ups during our presentation - no log-in failures, weird 404 pages, etc. And now, the grand reveal. I present to you: Zoolily.