Media Ranker

October 16th, 2016

Cartoon owl

Media Ranker was this week's big project. It was a Rails app where we had to mimic this site as closely as possible, including functionality, style, and responsiveness. Oh, and let's throw in some controller and model testing, too. And let's use Foundation, a new CSS Framework. You know, NBD.

Quite frankly and surprisingly, I didn't find this project to be all that challenging, which makes me wonder if I missed some fundamental concept and I thought it was easy because I failed to do something. I'm looking forward to getting instructor feedback on it, to see if this is actually the case. If you're curious, here's my version of the site. And now, I'm betting that image up there makes more sense.

This week was also a short one - we had Monday off - which was quite nice. And we had lightning talks on Tuesday, which I always enjoy. Dan, one of our instructors, did his on mosh pit etiquette, and it was epic. We also had City of Seattle, one of our internship companies, come in and give their presentation. So far, there are companies I prefer much more than them, but I'm trying to heed the warning of not getting my heart set on any particular place. Easier said than done, though.

We also had a discussion about self-care and preservation. Maybe I'm just an oddball, but I really have no problem making sure that my self-care happens. I know that I need alone time. I know that I'm very task-oriented and that I feel better when I just get stuff done. So, overall, this was a pretty good week.