FarMar Rails

October 9th, 2016

Delicious pomegranate

FarMar returns, this time in Rails. After writing FarMar this first time, which is one of those iconic Ada projects, I really had zero desire whatsoever to revisit it. Thank goodness this was a pair project and my partner, Shari Meggs, was awesome. Without her, I think I would have smacked someone this week.

The entire point of FarMar is to link together markets, vendors, products, and sales. This sounds easy. With my current level of expertise, it is not. Plus, this was our first project where all of the planning was on us. We created a Trello board and were given user stories that we had to satisfy. Our job was to take those stories, and other requirements (deploying using Heroku, styling the page, etc), put things into development "waves", and get it done. We managed to finish all of our tasks, which feels fantastic, as a lot of our classmates did not make it that far.

I feel like I'm getting better at doing pair projects, which is a relief. I really struggled with my first one, had a better time on the second, and rocked it out on this one. It's nice - as we students all become better developers, it's easier to distribute tasks and trust that your partner will finish their part of the job. In a couple of weeks, though, we do a four-person two-week project. We'll see how that goes ...

At the end of the day, my partner and I prevailed over FarMar, and our finished product is SharMar - the title was Shari's idea, and I think it's fabulous. Feel free to poke around and add a vendor or two. Just don't try too hard to break it. We're newbies, and our baby is fragile.