Week 1 Rails - Task List

October 2nd, 2016

Picture representing Ruby on Rails

Week One of Rails. *gulp* I've heard from previous Adies that Rails is basically magic, and they were not lying. On some fundamental level, I'm sure that everything is totally understandable, but right now, it's magic. And it blows my mind that this is a gem. Like, you can just type "gem install rails" and be given a ridiculous amount of power!

Let me back up a bit. We (obviously) started Ruby on Rails this week, based on that first paragraph. Rails is basically a framework that uses Ruby and allows one to make awesome, interactive websites. It provides a way to interact with a database that doesn't involve writing SQL, which is fabulous. And it's magic. You can state that something is related to something else, and Rails just knows what to do with it!

My very first Rails site that I deployed to the web using Heroku is Task List, a way to keep track of your to-do list. It looks simple, but this bad boy took me an entire week of mind-melting effort. This shit is hard!

The moment I showed Task List to Ian, he added the thing about evil pets. I guess the whole family has been having a rough transition time after having me home on vacation for an entire week. I miss them a truly crazy amount. Thank goodness class is keeping me stupid-busy, so I can't focus on that.