Situation Critical: Vacation Ending

September 24th, 2016

Skyline of Pittsburgh

Originally, I was planning on writing this post yesterday, which would have been a far better idea. Right now, I'm not in a very good head space. Tomorrow, I'm leaving Pittsburgh to head back to Seattle for Ada. Don't get me wrong - I love Ada and I'm thrilled to have been chosen by them, but man, it's hard to leave Pittsburgh behind.

I'm a fairly shy introvert (no, that is not redundant - they are two different things), and it took me a long time to build up a network of trusted friends (read: chosen family) when I moved to Pittsburgh. Leaving them behind to head off to Seattle by myself is, quite frankly, terrifying.

Thankfully, I was able to spend a bunch of time with folks while I was home. (As an aside, I refuse to change my "home" address on Google maps. It's still my Pittsburgh house, whereas my Seattle residence is under "apartment".) I also got to hit up my normal restaurants, including Mad Mex, where I had my first ever gobblerito. It's basically Thanksgiving dinner wrapped in a burrito, and it is delicious.

Something really lovely that happened - I used to be on a bowling league, and my husband would come cheer for us. My team lives on, and I got to go see them on Friday in a cheerleader capacity. We absolutely crushed it, and the bartender at the bowling alley gave me a free beer, since it was so good to see me. It's nice to be remembered.