September 16th, 2016

Internet Explorer comic

Because I am a slacker, I failed to actually start blogging about my experience at Ada Developers Academy until this very moment. Approximately six weeks in. After five weeks of Ruby and one week of HTML/CSS. Oops.

Anyway! It looks like my Ruby will have to wait until after break, when we start Rails. For now, let's dive in and talk about HTML and CSS for a little bit.

For those who do not know, HTML is basically the skeleton of a website. It's the text you read, but not how you see it. If CSS breaks, you can still use the site, but it will look pretty darn boring. Anything that has to do with user experience - font size, colors, layout, etc - is all CSS. And figuring out how to make it look pretty can be a little painful.

CSS humorous gif

Right now, CSS doesn't quite reach arch nemesis status, but we are not yet friends. It can do some truly magical things, but it can also be an incredibly big pain in the rear end. One of the properties in CSS is float, whereby an element floats to the right or left, and everything else flows around it. When this works, it's glorious. When it doesn't, you end up with a bunch of weirdly stacked nonsense.

And that's it when it comes to my initial Ada-related foray into front-end web development. I have a week-long break from school, and when I return, we can start talking about Rails!